yfz 450 help!


okay i need mods that will make my bike super fast it is a 05 yfz 450 i need to make it faster than my friends. can someone please start shooting off idea of things i can put on to beat him. i really must win -_- thank  you and have a nice day:)

Ive rode my father in laws yz450f its very powerful and its stock. dont know what riding your doing but the best thing to speed up if your on a track would be practice, the 450 already has more power than most people can use effieciently. just my two sents but you could change your gearing to better suit the type of race yall are having.

its just looking for over all speed like from bottom to the top. i was thinking a pipe. or what else could i do?

Do you want to do motor work? Or just bolt on?

mostly bolt on like pipe. and all that not looking to bore it out. we both have stock pistons looking for carb and all that though

You could do something for the air intake to give more to the motor.. And ReJet the carb. you could regear it for more Top end, and get a clutch kit.

I'm guessing you're going in a straight line...

An aftermarket intake setup (possibly clamp on air filter) and exhaust system with a change of gearing will get you what you want.

If you are riding a track and want more power, i can guarantee you are not riding it right. 450's have enough power for 95% of riders.

Mods for the yfz (i have had 2 2005 yfz)

Ziptie mod- youtube it

Fci (fuel customs intake)

High flow air filter

Rejet carb

Big bore exhaust (dasa, monster etc)

Best thing would be a ported and polished head.with stage 2 hotcams.

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