2006 Front wheel bearing replacement

During my last tire change, I inspected my front wheel bearings and they were starting to drag and get a little bit dirty/rusty.


What is the best replacement kit to get including seals? I figured I may as well replace the seals as they're from 2006 and never changed.


Is this something a bearing or industiral supply shop could help with for less money? Regular OEM rubber seals were $10 each.


Could I install WR wheel spacer covers, similar to what we we used to do on the rear wheel spacers before Yamaha started doing that on all of its models?





I think the best deal by far is the All Balls Kit, comes with both bearings and both seals. Usually anywhere from $15 to $18 on ebay or other suppliers such as Rocky Mountain ATV MC.  The pivot works kits are slightly more at 20-22. Most of these kits use the same exact bearings and the same seals as OEM. Just for a fraction of the cost. I can see buying OEM steering stem bearings because of the newer design seal, but wheel bearings are all the same.

I do not believe the WR front seal spacers will work. The WR does have a different front hub then the YZ/s and houses the speedo drive inside the seal spacer on the non disc side.

Thanks Nitrous, I was aware of speedo drive, but figured the right cover might be able to fit on the LHS too.


Info so far:

All balls kit, $21 RCKYMTN ATV

Pivot Works kit, $29 from their website, might be cheaper elsewhere

Pivot Works waterproof kit, $59 http://www.pivotworks.com/ProductInfo.aspx?item_id=1456  Anyone tried this kit? Seems very expensive ... three sets of wheel bearings and seals till you break even. Assuming I pay closer attention with the pressure washer, it seems as though this might be overkill in sunny SoCal.


I've never been a fan of OEM  Yamaha (and Kawasaki) bearings, no matter what they seem to prematurely wear out most likely atrtributed to the meager amount of pi$$ poor Vasaline crack jelly used at the factory. I generally prefer OEM parts, but for bearings I've had very good relibility with All Balls kits. Funny thing is I believe both OEM Yammi and All Balls use Koyo bearings, BUT there can be very different levels of bearing "spec" between mfg's   for example you can have a low speed/ low tolerence spec 6206 bearing, and there can be a high speed, higher tolerence 6206 bearing.

The problem with OEM front wheel bearings is that they aren't sealed, which leads to premature wear from dirt getting in them. What I did was note the number on the bearing cage, go to a bearing shop and ask for the same number, but sealed.

I have the Pivot Works waterproof kit, you can find it cheaper than $59, I think through Amazon and others. I use a pressure washer to clean my bike, the kit definitely helps with keeping the water out but it's not like it keeps everything out. I re-grease all my bearings one a year, just did all that a few weeks ago. I use BelRay waterproof grease on the bearings, with the Waterproof Bearing Kit the grease was still sorta greenish. On my last YZ which had non-Waterproof Kit the grease would always be straight up gray from all the water getting in. 

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