whats the best clutch springs?

I have a 09 450. just did a swap to the 6 spring conversion. haven't bought the springs yet. was wondering what you guys recommend. im trying to find some that have the easiest pull.

I personally just run ebc on everything. Heaver springs on the 4 spring setups, and standard on a 6 bolt.

I run barnetts. They work great. No more clutch adjustments when the clutch gets hot. Much more positive feel. They also don't add much to the clutch pull. I like them better then ebc's. Have used both.

keep in mind that some EBC clutch kits for the crf450r recommend you use the OEM springs. Not sure if it states this on the box, but this is what my EBC rep with EBC USA instructed to me. The ebc fibers/metals are awesome by the way.

If you want' the easiest pull, the OEM is likely the best way to go and will work. Pretty sure most aftermarket springs will give you a HARDER pull.


if you ever run a rekluse clutch, you MUST use the heavier springs provided with the kit. The oem and ebc springs will not engage the clutch correctly. Little harder pull, but you don't use the lever nearly as much as before.


have you moved your clutch perch inward ? toward the middle of the bike.. this will give you more leverage ! I'm surprised how many riders i see with the perch very close to the grip.

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