Mounting '85 xr200 rear shock on a '95

Am I stupid? I can't figure out where this damn reservoir goes. I have the manual and I've seen photos but I'm not finding the mounts or anything on my bike. Did Honda omit the mounts past a certain year? Here are some photos to show what I'm looking at. 







When Honda quit installing the reservoir shock they deleted the reservoir bracket.  91 and earlier frames it is on the left side of the bike, on the inside of the tube that goes up from the swingarm pivot, just below the side panel.  The reservoir is horizontal with the schrader valve pointing aft and the clicker accessable at the front side of the frame tube.

The hose goes aft out of the shock and then loops to the right side of the bike and around the front side of the shock to the reservoir.


Easiest mount is to carefully Dremel cut a bracket off a another XR frame and reweld or hose clamp it to your frame.  Not the best pic:

XR200R Shock Reservoir.jpg

Thanks for your help Chuck. So from the photo it looks like the tab slides into the side of the reservoir and that mount. Is that enough to keep it on?

The bracket has a curved surface that the reservoir nests against, the reservoir also has a pin that indexes to the bracket.  Two special clamp rings (#1) hold it in place. One clamp ring installs from the  aft side of the frame tube, the other from the front side.  I installed a bracket on a  frame with several tack welds without any problems during several years of use. KK04F2002A.gif

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Now I understand! Thanks again for your help.

I hose clamped mine to the frame with a piece of rubber in between and it's worked fine.

Oh okay. So basically any way to strap it on should be okay. Thanks for the input guys.

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