My best race yet!

yesterday was round 11 of the JDay offroad series, the pepsi John Ruffo memorial GP in putney, vermont. first moto didn't go too well, ended up with 8th. then the 2nd moto came around and i got a pretty good start, but figured that i wouldn't be able to stay up in the top 5 for very long. then about halfway through the race, I'm in 4th and i hear my friend behind start yelling "go go go! move!" and at that moment something clicked in my brain and i started going faster than i thought i could, and ended up keeping that pace going for the rest of the race! turned out good for me, ended up with 3rd! it was such a good feeling coming through the finish area and seeing my number and 3rd place on the screen. it's my best finish yet, and was definitely a good morale boost beating my friend who finishes in front of me every race. anyways, enough rambling, here's the gopro video!

for anyone that doesn't want to watch me go slow, 18:43 is when i really started picking up the pace which eventually lead to me getting into 3rd and staying there  :ride:

Does the guy to the left of you at the gate have a mowhawk?  LOL!!!

Does the guy to the left of you at the gate have a mowhawk?  LOL!!!

hahaha yup, it's glued to his helmet

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