Anyone running a Aftermarket linkage?

I've been looking at all these aftermarket linkages, but their is so many and they seem to be different lengths not sure what to go with? My bike is a 2011 RMZ 450 looking to get rid of what I would call is a wallowing feeling in the rough lowering the bike a little is a benefit.

I have the ride link on my '11.  The bike turns great but I still get a little bit of head shake on really rough, fast straights.  I have my forks up about 4mm and I am going to try to lower them a bit and see if it helps.  I am not sure yet if its better than stock though......

Yes, Ride engineering link

So here is the deal with the Ride link.  I ran one on my 350 for a time and loved how it basically cocked the shock like a gun for whoops and chatter by getting it past the first couple inches and into the sweet spot.


But once a bike gets its shock set up with the proper valving/ spring and settings you won't need it.


On the RMZ the problem is the X Ring piston.  It has loads of stiction in it and in order to get the thing settled you soften it and do all you can to get the thing to stop stepping out when you are hauling the mail.  If you don't get the rear end down the thing headshakes like a bitch.  MXA loves to mention this...too bad they don't explain the real problem.   So when you attempt to settle the back end with sag and clickers it wallows.


Anyway I found that once I got the shock valved correctly the bike was fantastic.  Ride is selling tons of links and clamps and honestly they are good to slap on stock bikes.  But as soon as you invest in good suspension those things go on ebay or craigslist.  The rmz is the best chassis I have ridden.

Mike- That's what I was thinking, but when these companies put in their descriptions of the links to fix what I'm feeling I thought I would ask here for real world experience! What I don't understand is why Showa would put these X-Band pistons in their shock? They must have some reason?

I don't get it either. I wish we could get the inside scoop from a race team... I doubt they run the x ring.

I talked to one tuner last year and he said he yanks the shocks off and eBay's them and convinces his customers to run the old rmz shock. Kinda weird...just use a wp or modified shows.

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The suspension shops I have near say to buy their "Works" piston or ProAction that hasn't changed much in 20 years. I live in western PA been talking to FCR their pushing the linkage arms though. PR2 is close to, but I don't know anyone that use's them. I have some friends that swear by Factory connection! I was trying to save on shipping costs though!

C Cycle in CT has the bike dialed.  I have Smart Performance valving...its the 4th bike I have used SPI and so they have a good feel for my setup by now.   His valving philosophy works well because he really loads up the rebound stack so you don'y have to test your neck brace.  Definitely give a call to Dave at SPI.  He really believes in keeping the stock components and not using  the Ride type stuff.  Both the companies I mention ditch the X Ring.


Some guys swear by FC.  I have used them several times over the years and I really feel like they make things pretty darn soft.  Perhaps it is because they want to make the riders comfy and have it be night and day.   I would get the bikes valved and then crack it open myself and start stiffening things up....especially the midvalve float.   I have a friend with a 13 RMZ and he is upset at how soft it is.  The thing is that the bike is pretty damn good for a B when it comes back and you can't slam into shit and skip down the track it is pretty upsetting.   So just make sure you communicate what you want to them extremely well.


Next time you are in CT drop me a line and you can ride mine. I am happy to say my speed keeps increasing and the adjustment is there.  I was on the phone with Dave for 30min the other day discussing the next bit of testing.  Good stuff. :thumbsup:

I run the RG3 linkage with the stock spring and shock. Huge mprovement with the linkage.

I have a lightly used procircuit link available if your interested 

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PM sent Eric!

OLDMOTO- what year bike do you have? RG3's website the linkage only goes to the 10 model? Did you get your suspension revalved also? What problems were you having that made you buy the linkage?

I have FCR suspension and run the ride engineering link as previously stated on my '11.  I had FC do my '08 and it had a PR2 knuckle and link. 

Addressing the shock is definitely better IMO than the link. The x-ring piston came about more for supercross. Tight band forces more oil through the valving. The idea is less bleed-by. Its suppose to give better bottoming resistance and a better damping rate. What it does is spike the damping,so people back out the clickers,yet the valving is still stiff. So now if you turn the high speed and low speed out,the shock will wallow and still spike (damping still ramps off from no bleed). Changing the rising rate basically changes the leverage. I bought the rg3 link used and I resold it. Didn't like it at all. I feel they are worth a try,but I would sooner spend money on a revolve or a new shock. I am a big fan of the fox podium shock. Best shock I have ever ridden and worked on. I swap it from my rmz450 to my rmz250. I have yet to get a stock shock perform like the fox shock. The different circuits in the fox shock make it very smooth.

^I like the way you think :thumbsup:

I have a 2012 with stock spring and valving. The RG3 linkage takes the harsh step out of the stroke. Much better traction. Picks up chop, braking bumps and acceleration bumps much better. I never felt the need to re-valve after the linkage change. I run to 20mm RG3 triple clamps as well. The forks have been extensively modified, 4.9 springs, RaceTech GR3 gold valves and rebound valves, Factory connection outdoor spring seats, FC bottoming valves, 360cc oil volume and Merge Racing progressive pressure springs. I run Fastway foot pegs in the rearward position. I also use an oversize front rotor and braded steel brake line. A Dr D full system and a No toil full flow filter set up. Standard FI coupler. I weigh about 165lbs. I ride Cahuilla, Pala, Elsinore, Perris, Milestone, Glen Helen and Comp Edge. My 3rd RMZ 450, had a 2007, 2008 and now the 2012. Best bike I've ever had.

As long as you like it and can get it dialed-all that matters. Suspension is a personal preference.

We have a 13 450 and 12 250 with FCR suspension. 450 is horrible. Does not settle in like the 250 does. It bounces and does not soak up near what 250 does. cornering it does not collapse and ride even through turns as 250 does. He weighs around 165 which racetech says should be a 5.8 and according to most sites on here is stock.


Any ideas?

We have a 13 450 and 12 250 with FCR suspension. 450 is horrible. Does not settle in like the 250 does. It bounces and does not soak up near what 250 does. cornering it does not collapse and ride even through turns as 250 does. He weighs around 165 which racetech says should be a 5.8 and according to most sites on here is stock.


Any ideas?

Run a 5.4kg for starters.

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