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02 CR250 OEM plastic, optional part #'s?

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I spoke with a gentleman about ways to be weight conscious when buying parts, and he told me something I found interesting. Apparently Honda has produced 'optional' plastic with different thicknesses that they used on their race bikes to save weight for some years, available through any dealer. I looked on Partzilla and sure enough, on some parts it's true. For an 02 CR250 there are 4 different part numbers for the OEM rear fender, and 2 different part numbers for each side panel. No such thing for the tank, airbox, mud flap, front fender or shrouds.


So has anyone else here heard of this before? How do you know which is which?


Part #'s are as follows.


Rear fender:







Left side panel:





Right side panel:




2003+ bikes don't seem to have this same mystery, just one part# for each, and the part number seems to change each year with the exception of the 2003 rear fender, 80101-KZ3-J52ZA.


I know it's trivial but it would be nice to know what the differences are without ordering all of them in to satisfy my curiosity.

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Ok, followup question. Does anyone here know why Honda changes some plastic part #'s from year to year, which appear identical, and others remain the same?  I realize that in 2004 Honda changed the front fender and number plate. Here are some examples.


Front number plates kept same part numbers for 02-03, changed for 04 and remained the same until 07. Makes sense.


Rear mud flap remained the same from 02-07.


Fork guards changed shape/mold in 04? and the part numbers reflected it. 


Front fenders were the same for 02-03, changed for 04 and remained the same until 06. 07 has a different part number. What changed between 06 and 07?


Rad shrouds changed every year obviously because of graphics.


Left side fork guard changed numbers from 02-03. Then both fork guard numbers changed again for 04, and remained the same through 07. What changed here?


Side panels are puzzling. 02 had multiple numbers for each side panel (2 each). The numbers changed for 03, now only one number for each. Numbers changed again in 05. What changed?


Rear fender, 02 had 4 different numbers for the same fender. 03 kept one of those numbers. New number for 04. New number for 05. New number for 06, which was retained for 07.


I know this seems trivial, but I thought all plastic from 02-07 were interchangeable, except for front fenders and number plates which changed in 04. Why are there so many different OEM part numbers for each piece?


Anyone here who has worked at a Honda dealership know what's up?

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Ok- i might be able to help some... :thumbsup:


Rear Fender:


  • 80101-KZ4-J40ZA shows as "Type 1". It was the original part number which was designed in June,2001. This part number was later changed to 80101-KZ3-J50ZA.  ( You posted KZ3-J40ZA, but it appears there is no such part! The part number should be KZ4-J40ZA) 


  • 80101-KZ3-J50ZA shows as "Type 1". It was superseeded to 80101-KZ3-J51ZA.


  • 80101-KZ3-J51ZA shows as "Type 1". It was superseeded to 80101-KZ3-J52ZA


  • 80101-KZ3-J52ZA also shows as "Type 1". This is the current part number that can be ordered from any Honda parts dealer. If you order any of the above part numbers, you will receive the J52ZA part.

    It appears that there is ONLY ONE rear fender available for purchase. If there were different types of rear fenders, they may not be available to the public.

    The J52ZA rear fender shows that it fits the 2002-2003 CR250 and CR125.  The 2004 fender is only for 2004 models. The 2005 fender is only for 2005 models. The fender is the same for 2006 and 2007 models CR250/CR125s. Now the fenders may interchange between the models but the part numbers are completely different for all of them; This means something meaningful has changed i.e a warning sticker or styling/construction of the rear fender.

Left side panel:

  • 83510-KZ4-J40ZA was the original part number created. J40ZA was superseeded to 83510-KZ4-J41ZA. This it the only part number available for purchase. If you order the J40ZA, you will receive J41ZA. There are no other left side panels available for purchase from American Honda.

Right side panel:

  • Same thing as the left side panel......

Based on all this, it appears there is only 1 set of plastics availble for these bikes. There are no different types unless it was a Honda "race team" exclusive, super secret, part that cannot be ordered by the public.


More information:


To break the part numbers down for you quickly, there are 3 basic groups of numbers in a Honda part number.


Example: 80101-KZ4-J40ZA


80101 = Manufacturer codeing- means nothing to anyone but Honda.


KZ4= CR125 model (KZ3 = CR250) depending on timing, a KZ3 or KZ4 may be used even though the part fits both models.


J40ZA= 'J' means it was manufactured in Japan.  '4' means it was the 4th revision of the 80101-KZ4 part (CR125 Rear fender). '0' means the first vendor that made the part for Honda. 'ZA' means the part has a color, in this case, Red.  The ZA is not a color code, it just means the part has a color. Now if the part had multiple color options for the same part, you would see ZA, ZB etc....


Now then, an 80101-KZ3-J50ZA means everything is the same but they revised the part slightly after the original part (J40ZA) was built.


80101-KZ3-J51Z means the part is exactly the same as the J50ZA but Honda used a different vendor to make the fender. This could be because of pricing, larger factory, faster production times etc....


I think what that guy told you about lightweight plastics is complete BS and there is no such thing. That is just my opinion....  A lot of pro riders and their teams use aftermarket plastics- Example: Jeremy McGrath used UFO plastics during his steel frame CR days.....

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Thanks for taking the time to compose that informative response. It all makes sense now!

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Thanks for taking the time to compose that informative response. It all makes sense now!


No problem!


You can always make "speed holes" in all of your plastics to decrease the weight! :lol:

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