Has anyone tried Enzo with the subtanks

I am thinking of have my suspension done. I have heard great things about Race Tech, but I have a friend in CA. who swears by Enzo and the subtanks, and would like to hear from someone who has this are knows something about them.

I have the full Enzo revalve and subtanks and I am very happy with the setup. Overall the ride is more plush and the resistance to bottoming is greatly improved. Another plus is you can take the subtanks with you to a new bike or sell separately when you sell your bike. There is virtually no wear or tear on the tanks, they work well on their own (w/o the revalve) and are extremely popular right now.

I think you will be happy with Enzo.


Im also very interested. I want someone who can give me the best all around suspension as I race MX and offroad about equally. Im an expert cc racer and Vet ex motocrosser.

I had Performance Concepts do my xr650 and its awsome, but they cater to the desert guys(which I also do).

My suspension was redone by Enzo, but I did spend the cash on the tanks. I love the way it works. I think getting the right springs is probably the most important part. It made all the difference for me. Ive got 5.7 in the rear and .44 in the front. Completely different bike. Id callem, ask for Ross.

What oil level do you run with the tanks installed?


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