Neighbor calls cops on me because of me riding my dirtbike

By way of example - How would you feel if your next door neighbor had a smelting plant or burned dead animal bodies and directed the smoke across your property?  Backyard BBQs wouldn't be much fun, would they?  MMMMMM That burger sure tastes great while you're smelling the fat render out of a pile of dead animals.  Well, backyard BBQs also aren't much fun when the guy next door is blasting his loud motorcycle into your property so no one can enjoy conversation, the sounds of nature, or even a little nice music.    

Most states, counties and cities address this with laws and ordinances.  Even without those, the "common law" applies -- Even if there is no specific ordinance about loud motorcycles, loud noise coming from your property may constitute what the law calls a "nuisance."  The property owner will have the responsibility to curtail, abate or remove the nuisance or will be liable to those affected by it.  Generally this liability is measured by the diminution of the property values of the neighboring properties, or the neighbors' costs to abate the nuisance.  

It seems like a muffler would be cheaper than paying all of your neighbors for a drop in property values.   There are also plenty of places to ride bikes which are not in the middle of a neighborhood.  You have freedom to use your property, but your neighbors have a similar freedom to use theirs - and noise pollution interferes with their ability to use their property as they see fit.    Perhaps the neighbor is a jerk because he approached you in an agitated state and was unpleasant.  But have you stopped to think that perhaps you're a jerk because you are imposing the unpleasant aspects of your hobby on everyone in the vicinity?  

What a dickhead. Keep on riding bro! It's your property if he doesn't like it too bad for him. So what if he calls the cops what are they going to do? Give you a ticket and maybe throw you in jail? Big deal 

7 hours ago, fidd said:

What a dickhead. Keep on riding bro! It's your property if he doesn't like it too bad for him. So what if he calls the cops what are they going to do? Give you a ticket and maybe throw you in jail? Big deal 

I'm sure this has been settled as it was 4 years ago.

Neighbor called me in too. Responding officer was a buddies friend, they bullsheeted for 30 minutes then he drove off. Hahahaaaaa

Quiet down your will go a long way to appeasing complainers. Better than not being able to ride on your property. You can put louder silencer on at racetrack even though loud bikes are not conducive to sport but some dig it and I have stock in a hearing aid company!



Get a 2-stroke haha. The sound penetrates a lot less and carries a lot less. I live in a neighborhood on less than half an acre lot with neighbors on all sides and I practice on obstacles in my wood fenced back yard. My 300 2t is less obnoxious than a weed eater or especially a chainsaw. Actually cranked the trials bike the other day though and it seems a lot louder so I'd like to figure out a way to quiet that down, aftermarket options aren't good for that bike. Of course MX stuff and MX bikes are usually going to be a lot louder, with a lot more dust..


It's funny because when I'm trail riding with a group and I have to stop and wait, I always hear the 4-strokes no matter how far, but I don't hear the 2-strokes until I can see them in the bush usually.

Today, just like a few other day, my neighbor has either called the cops on me or has talked to me personally. Today he told my brother, which was riding our Polaris rzr to stop riding. Now we have been in many fights with this jackass because he is a little complainer. I currently ride a ktm 350 sxf, which don't get me wrong, it is pretty loud. But I dont think he can tell me what the &%$#@! I can and can do on my own property. He is pretty much telling me I can't continue my riding career because he can't hand the noise and dust. Now I don't always ride right next to his house, I have 10 more acres to ride on. Some people may have the same problem with there neighbors, but I think mine is a little bigger knowing we have over 36,000 dollars invested into riding. Is there anything to know about rights and ordinances for noise and what not. What should I do if he talks (complains)to me again?

Simply make sure your bike has a stock muffler and when you can ride as far as the hr of day and you’ll be fine