MX Boots 2013

So whats the best boots ?Fox Instincts, Alpinestars Tech 10s, Gaerne SG12, Sidi Cross Fire?

Sidi Cross Fire 2 to be more exact!

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Had a long talk with the guy at the chaparral store this past weekend. He did a great job at explaining the benefits of all the boots.


He said the the "best" boot they sell is the SIDI Crossfire 2's. Comfort, protection, and the ability for the user to swap out all the pieces on the boot without having to send them in.

Had the cheap version of Fox (Comp 5 I think) until breaking my ankle. When I healed up I switched to the Gearne SG12 and love them. Great support, great buckles, pivots in the correct areas, comfy....I will definitely buy another pair when/if these wear out. I bet the top models of the top brands are pretty similar though. If you had the chance to try them on and see which ones are the most comfortable and fit your foot the best, that would be the way to go!

Also, my riding buddy got the SG10, and has no complaints.

I was a long time a-star tech 10 guy until i ran across a smoking deal on sg-12's.....great fit and quality boot....i am a gaerne customer for life

I had two pairs of Alpinestars Tech 3's and they were absolute shit,I now run SG12's and my god it is amazing,in every aspect in which I can't describe.You can't describe it until you try one on. I tried on the crossfire 2's right when they came out and they were too slim in the ankle/calf area,which is what I had heard about the Sidi's,the Gaerne's just fit better.Both were comfortable and had great support. I have heard from most Tech 10 people that they hate them,one guy said "You pay all of this money for nothing" Maybe the next generation ones are better but we won't know until they're released. As far as the Instincts,while they look cool that's where most of the positives end. I've seen Instincts that were two months old that already had holes in the side,and who knows where they're made? China most likely,at least with the Gaerne,Sidi,and Aplinestars you know they're made in Italy. I'd say either Alpinestars,Gaerne's,or Sidi's but go down to a dealer and try them all on and see how each feel,but I'd pass on the Instincts. 

Tech 10's, forget about buying another pair for 5 years after you have them

All great. I wear the tech 10s and they are like ballerina slippers on the them. The soles do not last though. I vet 2 seasons on a pair but after the first the shifter foot (left) has a hole starting from pivoting. It sucks because every other aspect of the boot is great.

I ran the sg12s and will say they are like slipping your foot into marshmallows. I broke my ankle in them from hyperextension on a big double landing and so I wanted the inner bootie again and went back to the 10s.

With sides and a stars its like tap dancing on the sweet. With the gaernes you need the shifter one notch biggie.

All awesome boots. :rolleyes:

I have tech 10s and they are the best boot I've ever had. However, i haven't tried the boots you other guys are talking about so i cant say how they compare.

Jett J1

I dare you to have a look at the FORMA line of boots. AWESOME BOOTS!!! Hands down, the best buckles in the business! Take a look at the new predators, and the carbon fibre double hinge

I dare you to have a look at the FORMA line of boots. AWESOME BOOTS!!! Hands down, the best buckles in the business! Take a look at the new predators, and the carbon fibre double hinge

I had a look at those and would be willing to give them a shot when the time comes!

Gaerne SG10 boots here. Love em!

I was actually trying on knee braces a few weeks ago and realized my cheapo boots won't allow braces to fit.  I wasn't looking for new boots but I tried on the Sidi's and the Gaerne SG12's and the SG 12's were the most comfortable boots I've ever tried on by a mile.  For comfort and protection I think they are awesome.  They aren't the lightest boots around though.

I LOVE my Sidis. Very comfy, no break in, easy to walk in.

The only complaint is that there are lots of overlapping parts that make it a little difficult to get completely clean.

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