Silver Bells!

Going Silver my Big Red Pig ridin' Bru-tha's!

Now, someone buy my KDX's so Daddy can get his CRF450R! :D

Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus, Right up CRF Lane!

With a Scots and some Klotz and a nice Big Gun, My Life won't be the same!

Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus... :):D

Happy Holidays to All!

Oh no, you're going to beat me to it :D My CRF'X' is coming, but probably not until late next year. I think I can get by on my pig until then :D, but it will be nice to have both bikes to choose from like Kritter has :)

Hi Qadsan, Yeah, I won't hold my breath, but there is one boy that is a VERY happy CRF250R rider & a girl that is a VERY happy Blaster rider! :)

That's what Christamas is all about! ...and it's not the present so much as it's having great kids that you WANT to help and share such great times together...Ooooh! I'm getting all amongst yerselves! :D


You da man!

Happy Holidays to All! :)

Way to go Rokatt :D :D :) There's nothing better than riding with the family.

How do you like the 250?

I made the 2 hour trip to the nearest Honda stealership the other day just to see one. I know, I don't get out much. :D It is a fine looking machine and if I was about 40lbs. lighter I might have brought it home with me. Merry Christmas to all my pig riding pals :D

Stonewall! Oh man! The 250 is awsome! It's like whipping around a Katana Sword! We are heading out to Ocotillo Wells again for the New Years weekend and I will be able to continue to put it through it's paces. This last Thanksgiving I was able to compare it to the 04 CRF450R. While the 450 IS all that, I have to say the 250 is just flat FUN! :) I'm almost considering getting a 250 for me and terrorizing my ridn' buds with it! Hee Hee! :D

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