TM 450MX, surprise!

Just thought some may be interested to know, I put my '11 TM 450MX on a 400lb digital shipping scale and it came out at 246lbs full of fuel right to the cap and ready to ride, bone stock with Pirelli MX Xtra-X tires. By my calculation with a 9.8L tank that is 230lbs without gas, 4lbs lighter than a new CRF450R and 12lbs lighter than a RMZ450. Pretty impressive! The only lighter fuel injected 450 has been the 09-12 CRF's.



 4lbs lighter than a new CRF450R and 12lbs lighter than a RMZ450. 


And 100 times more sexy  :thumbsup:


Cool bikes I wish I had one. 

Cool. I don't find it hard to believe at all. My son has a 2011 TM 250 MX and that thing is light too.

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Wow that's awesome, I've been thinking of trying a TM 450, for some reason thought it would be heavy, which was scaring me away.

Pics, or it don't exist :thumbsup:

Why not , let's see it











I've since sold the bike and went back to a 250 2-stroke. It was a great bike, I thought it might be the one to convert me but I'm just a 2-stroke guy at heart and I don't have as much fun riding a 450. I like having to work for it and I find that I quickly revert to lazy riding habits on the thumpers.

Which 250 2stroke did you replace the TM with?  

Ive got 2 questions, what did you end up selling it for? And where did you buy it in BC?

I've been having a blast riding the smallbore husky for the past few years. I want to buy a new TM 2stroke but can't decide between a 144, 250 or 300. I bought a nicely set up 02 CR265 to put a little time on which should help me decide which way I want to go.

I sold the bike for $5000, and I had bought it on ebay from a guy in Oklahoma who only put 20 hours on it.

You can get them in BC from Barker Bros in Abbotsford, I bought my last TM there and will do so with my next. There is definitely a lack of local dealers but I think the average TM buyer is fairly self sufficient and resourceful when it comes to fixing and troubleshooting their bike. I know it's never been an issue for me.

Sweet.  I got my son a 2011 TM 250MX and that thing is a rocket.  He has over 70 hrs on it and not a single problem.  He did add a FWW, had RB do the head and carb mods just to make it a duel ride bike (woods/MX). Way to much power for me.  I get along better with my  Husky WB165 and TC250.  Tough call on your next choice but it sounds like you really like the small bore and working for it so the 144 TM .......Good luck and let us know what you end up with.

Once winter blows over I'll get a chance to run the 265 for a bit and see. I know I'm not a 4stroke guy, tried that route a few times now and I keep coming back to the smokers. The Husky 165 really has been the perfect bike for me, but I keep snapping headstays on it on the MX track so I think the frame has gotten out of spec.

Very kool row of exotics lined up like an MTV cribs episode.   Makes me want a TM.

The Aprilia is still the sexiest thing in the garage

Trying to bring this thread back to life AND bring up the age old 2 vs. 4 debate.


So I am attempting to decide between a TM MX 300, or a 450.  It is nearly impossible to find any tests on the bikes other than from PPS or MXA.  I guess you could say that I enjoy 2 strokes and I haven't owned a 4 since I had an 06 CRF 450.  Since that time I have been on primarily YZ 250's and have always enjoyed them.  However I am bored riding the same old bike and always giving up hp.  Considering that I am really not that concerned about winning races, but do plan to race a little bit in the 30 + classes, I can't decide which way to go.


Of course I know the obvious pluses/minuses with the 2 vs. 4 regarding cost, performance, etc.  It would just be nice to have some input from the real world.


Anyone have feedback?


Anyone have seat time on a 2014 of any cc?

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