1996 CR 250 forks NEED SOME HELP

Guys I need some help!!  I just bought a 1996 CR 250 and when I got it home and was cleaning it up getting ready to replace fork seals I found the left axel holder was broken.  I am looking for a replacement but have had no luck with Ebay and Honda is too expensive anybody have any other options or will I have to sit and troll Ebay until one comes up?  Thanks guys I really appreciate any help I am hoping to race some harescrambles this year..


I have these, will need seals and earlier model front caliper, check history these are hard to come by and perfect for the woods, let me know if I can help

Honda CR Forks and Triple Clamp for cre 260, cre250, 43mm, enduro, cr250r, cr125

e-bay item # 221272687476 

Guys I have also found some CR 125 forks for decent price I know the upper fork is different but the lowers look the same can anyone comfirm they are the same or not.

The 1996 CR250 uses the same lower fork tubes as:


1997 CR125

1996-2001 CR500


Honda calls the lower part of the fork assembly a left or right "Slide Pipe".


The upper, outer tube for the 1996 250 only fits the 1996 CR250 and nothing else.


I have a 1996 CR250 and I cannot wait to put some twin chamber showas on it and throw these KYBs in the trash....   I do not like them. They are sprung correctly for my weight but they are harsh. Its the one thing I notice when riding it.  My 2001 CR250 forks are much better.   I have seen a good amount of TC showas on ebay lately for 100-200 bucks.  Im probably going to do that in a few months....

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I wouldn't put any real money into those forks.  Converting to some modern 2002+ forks is cheap and easy.

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