Lost my bearing spacer tube...

Hi guys, so ill keep this short.  I was beating my wheel bearings out over the garbage can like i usually do but this time i left the bearing spacer tube in the garbage and now its gone... so my question is do u guys think i can ride with out it until im able to order a new one?  I have a big weekend trip all planned and now im bummed as hell....

Don't ride it. There is a high probability that the bearings will push in a bit with cornering stress and the front tolerances will get larger until the hub is ruined and your ride ends.

If you want to take a chance at least get some steal tube and fabricate a new spacer. With some luck finding a tube "close enough to the right size" you could cut/grind it to the right length.


Edited by coktm

ok thanks coktm, i better not risk it.  i think ill just sit this ride out and wait till the new spacer tube can be shipped to me.  

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