1988 tt250............information needed please

Hey Men. 


A guy gave me this 1988 tt 250. Don't know if it goes but that does not matter at this stage. 

I have been doing some searching and there does not appear to be alot of information on the 1988 tt250. I have come across some information stating that the XT350 is all the same except for cc rating. 


Can anyone shead some light on this model and history. 

I want to buy a clymer manual but not sure what one I need so I can relate it to this model. I would like to have the right information first. 


Kind regards 


And thanks.


Bump please

hey mate I have a 1990 tt250 and I had the same problems,I found that the 1987 to 1993 Clymer xt350/tt350 workshop manual is the actual manual for the xt250/tt250 the only difference is the stroke size everything else is the same. If you need help with anything let me no as I have the manual and just finished rebuilding mine so i hope this helps mate???

Excellent thanks for your help. I may certainly call on your advice. Do you have that manual on pdf? How did your build go?

no I don't mate (pdf) I only bought the book because it was easier to cart around rather than moving a laptop everywhere, but the rebuild went great, only thing I couldn't figure out, this is before I had the manual is the timing on the cams, because you would think the timing marks would be on cogs their not. there on the other end and if you don't no what your looking for you wont find them. they are one little dot they actually line up with these two lines on the caps where if you look on the cog end they have arrows stupid I thought put me off for ages haha

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