Thoughts on v force reeds?

Are v force reeds any good? Anybody had bad experiences with them? Worth getting or is boyesen better? People say you lose bottom end by changing reeds is that true?

Nothing wrong with them, better then stock and not as good as the Boysen units in the opinion of some. I Run the V-force reeds and I like them, I haven't had the chance to try the Boysen reed system yet.


People say a lot of things, what counts is if what they say is true or not.  And in fact the V-force reeds will give you better bottem end hit then the stock reeds in most cases. Depends on the bike and what not.

Bought my 03 250 with V-Force delta 2's in it. They were not in the greatest of shape and the reed cage itself was slightly warped around the mounting surface. I have no idea when they were installed, if i had to guess it was likely soon after the bike was bought new. During my re-build last winter I put in the Boyesen Rad valve. Honestly there were too many changes/repairs going on to say if one was better than the other. The thing I like most about the Boyesen is that its machined aluminum construction and the intake tract is smooth with no blunt edges. The stock and V-Force cages are pretty similar in design. If your dead set on buying a reed cage I would go with the Boyesen. If your not sure I would try some CF reeds on the stock cage, that should offer more crisp throttle response because they are stiffer. And of course your jetting should be set right in order to truly notice a difference or gain any benefit from it anyway.

I like v force. Ran them on my 87 kx250 and my blasters and banshee. I agree they are odd shapped on the intake track so every v force I buy, I port match it to the rubber carb flange. If you don't want to dig into a $300 cage, than stick with the way it comes. I also read on another site that the v force hits the mounting flange on the top and bottom restricting the reed petal movement. At least on the k5. Not sure on the 250. But if so, some aluminum massaging might be in store for better performance. Me personally, have no problem whittling away some aluminum if it helps. :)

v-force, i run in my kx5 and late cr250. no complaints great performance!

Thanks guys I'm leaning towards Boyesen, what's the price for it compared to the v force?

Look up they have very good prices. Cheapest I have found and a good variety of brands.


Right now for my 03 250 the Boyesen are $153.99

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What do you ride? If you ride woods the boyeson 2 stage reeds are supposed to be great. Its All personal preference though.

I race motocross so id want all around power or top end

I race motocross so id want all around power or top end


I like them both and run V-Force on the KX 250 and boyseen on RM 250.

I would go with Boyesen. They are better built in my opinion because they aren't all plastic like v-force. 

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