dohicky, and watchamacallit, need help wr04 bottom end.

These two parts came out at some point when spliting the case. I dont know what they are and where they go. I cant seem to find them in the parts fish or owners service manuel. I need to figure them out so i can start putting my bike back togeather.

Thank you for your help.


Looks like the ball bearing may be the one for the clutch, that goes in the center hole with the push rod. Check to see if you have that ball bearing with your clutch components. Its one of those sneaky parts, lol. Some people never even see it come out, lose it, and then have clutch problems.


if you go to a parts fiche, and look at the shift cam fork slide, you will see that lil weird lookin part on there. Calling it a "Neutral Point"   #4


Never had to tear one of these motors down that far yet. But when I seen that thing, it just seemed like somethin to do with that  or something else in that area of the motor. Or maybe because I have been down through top end, and never seen it, nor could think of where it could go on a crankshaft. Didn't leave many other options.

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Thank you for the help, I have never torn down a motor, so this is a learning experiance for me, thankfully this is not my only bike, so I can take my time on getting it back together. When Started taking it apart I paid close attention to it but since I did not know about these little parts so they just fell out luckily I saw them hopefully I did not miss anything else. It also looks like I will be looking at a top end also. will see.

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