CDI Problem?

I have a 1996 yz250, it starts right up and runs great for like the first 30mins of riding. Then the bike will just shut off, I checked to see if it was getting a spark right after this happened today and it was not getting spark. But if I let the bike cool down then It will start again....  Any ideas as to what the problem might be? All suggestions all appreciated!

Coil or stator IMO but you can test those.

I use nitrogen to cool parts that I suspect have heat related faults. Run till u loose spark, then cool suspect part with the nitrogen and check for spark.

mine did the same thing and was cdi. One way to test it is if it shuts off heat up the cdi with heat gun and try it. it worked for me every time. I n=know of someone else who had the same problem and relaced stator and coil but ended up being cdi. try heating it up and that should tell you if its the cdi or not

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