High idle

I was out doing a bit of riding today and when I would stop it seemed like it would start to idle a little high. If I revved it the idle would go down then pick back up. It was hot out today and we were doing a lot of slow riding and jumping small doubles I'm thinking maybe the bike was getting hot but I don't know

Oh the bike is a CRF 450 R 2004

Not returning to idle is usually lean jetting or a frayed/damaged throttle cable(s). So I would guess bad throttle cables.

drag the clutch a little to bring the idle down

If something suddenly changed like this, but the bike hasn't sat long enough for the jets to clog up with ethanol, it maybe throttle cable, maybe air leak.

I don't believe its the cable because if I rev it the idle drops right after and pics back up after a few seconds

Clean the carb , pay attention to the pilot jet and pilot jet circuit

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