Campground near tomahawk trails


I'm looking for a camp ground close to tomahawk trails

Were plated so that won't be a problem

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Look for some stand land to sleep on, perhaps by some water or something?

There is a state forest campground about 1 mile before the trail head. Its even on the same road!!

I prefer state parks since if you have the recreation passport ($5 on your plated bike) you can ride right from and back to the camping spot on your dirtbike. Plus most have showers to clean yourself up after riding. This all said, I usually camp at Burt Lake state park in Indian River. That park is only 2.5 miles away from the Tomahawk A loop trailhead parking lot. And there are a big bunch of trails like the MCCCT stuff and ways to get to the B loop also. It's one of my favorites. 

Webber lake state forest campground is 1 mile for Tomahawk B & C loop trail head.

Chandler Hills campground is about the closest with power and hookups.

Just a FYI, Burt lake state park is like 12 miles away.

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