Rear Sprocket Bolts - Tapered or Non-tapered

So I bought a rear JR sprocket for my 96 xr600r that was listed as the correct sprocket. I went to put it on and guess what?? The bolts I currently have are not tapered. So, is this just a simple fix of buying a new set of tapered bolts (as long as the holes in the sprocket are on the correct center, and the diameter of the bolts are the same, I should be OK)? If so why are the ones I have now not tapered? I'm replacing an aluminum sprocket with a steel one.

Yup, go to hardware & buy the tapered ones. I ordered the XR650R sprocket & had to do this. The holes on the XR650R are slightly smaller also, so must drill out.(no big deal)  Thank you to someone else on the forums, clued me in. Because there is a better selection of sprockets also.

Did you get it from Motorcycle superstore?  I also just ordered a JT sprocket, and they sent me the same incorrect one.  That countersunk tapered hole style is used on the Honda MX bikes.  But the XRs use a larger diameter bolt shank, so if you try to use countersunk bolts they'll be a sloppy loose fit in the wheel hub.  I guess you could drill out the sprocket holes to the larger size, then find bolts with the correct tapered head and the larger shank size.

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