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Ignition problem on 2000 XR200

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Hey guys,  


 I bought a 2000 Honda XR 200 earlier this summer.   I just got finished rebuilding the top end of the motor this weekend and went to fire it up.  When it started it would idle fine but once I got on it to ride it around a little it would stutter alot.   It misfires alot when I accelerate..  


 The first time I got it running I rode it around for about a half hour with it kinda stuttering during acceleration when finally it just died on me.  No amount of kicking and swearing would get it going again. :D   


 So I took it into the shop and pulled the spark plug to see if I was getting spark.  I was getting a shock if I touched the plug while I kicked it over but it wouldn't arc.  Since the ignition components on it were pretty old I figured I would replace them.  I replaced the spark plug, spark plug cap, spark plug wire, and ignition coil. 


 When I did that the bike fired right up. Still stuttering and misfiring though.  Again, I rode it around for about half an hour just breaking in the new motor when the thing died on me again.  I took out the plug and tested for spark,  again, I was getting a shock but it wasn't arcing.   



 Now I am looking at the ignition pulse generator.  Does this mean that I need a new one or could it just be out of adjustment? 



  I was just thinking some of you guys might have had the same problems and might have some suggestions for me.



 Any help you could provide would be awesome!



 Thanks in advance!




 AKA:  Chief Runs from Bulls.

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Based on my limited experiences with dirt bikes, and I don't know that these map to the entire population, but most common problems in order of occurrence:

1. Spark plug

2. Kill switch and its wiring. 

3. Ground connections.

4. Spark plug wire corrosion at the plug boot.

5. CDI sensor clearance

6. connectors

Never had a CDI box or stator problem.

And normal spark can be so weak that it is not visible in bright sunlight.

Did need to add a ground jumper from the engine to the frame on one bike.


After that you are chasing mixture issues, I've had bad air filters cause similar mis fire symptoms from a restriction.

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Thanks for the reply!   I forgot to mention that the kill switch is bad... It doesn't work. And I did disconnect it to make sure it wasn't the issue.  I will try moving the ground from the motor to the frame.  


 And  I put a brand new air filter on the bike when I rebuilt it.  When I got the bike it had the original filter.  Which is one of the main reasons why I had to rebuild the motor.

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Well, here is an update.  


   Last Sunday I took a while and went through every wire on the bike.  I checked and cleaned the connections, replaced any wires that had crimps in them. And in general spruced up all the electrics.   When I got on it and kicked it over it fired right up.   I rode it around for a while that night.  It ran alot better then it did before but it still had a little bit of hesitation when I hit the higher RPMs.  But it was ALOT better then before. I shut if off probably 5 or 6 times and the thing would fire right back up with 1 or 2 kicks.  When I was done for the night I put the thing in the barn and left it.  The next morning I came in and kicked it over. It started right up on the 2nd kick.  I rode it a 1/2 mile down the road to do the milking and when I came back the thing was dead in the water.  I still get a shock at the plug when I kick it over but it won't arc.  I just replaced the Ignition control module and nothing has changed. So far the only thing left stock on this bike is the Ignition Pulse Generator and it's sensor.   


 Any suggestions?

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Hi Chief, 


Ok, this is not my specialty, but I am going to throw this out as a possible issue.


Back in my younger days, I had an XR600R, which had a "stator" problem and all the old Honda's had issues them as well up until I think 92, before Honda fixed the problem.


As I remember, the bike ran fine, until it got hot and would give you intermettent problems, that were about as consistant as a politician, i.e., you never knew what you were chasing.


So my first question is, did you remove the flywheel ??? If so, you potentially could have nicked the copper coil windings, which is bad, as they are supposed to be sealed, or could have a lose wire, that was not tightened down properly.


Your story about it running fine, 1st thing of morning, when it is cold, then you got down the road a piece then it crapped out reminded me of my stator issue I had with the old 6Honey.


Just throwing it out there, as a possibility.



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