03 450 MXC and EXC exhaust... is there a difference?

So I've recently gotten into the whole enduro thing after converting from years of sport bikes. First I had a little TTR 90 dirt bike which was entertaining as a pit bike and then I had a TTR 250 which was good until it got stolen.... fail. Now I've picked up a really nice 03 450 MXC and I love it but I'd like to replace the exhaust. I see a lot out there for the EXC but not much for the MXC but I keep reading that apart from the transmission there is very little difference in the two. So is it possible to put EXC exhaust systems on an MXC? Please help!



Yes, you can upgrade to the two in one pipe. I believe most parts are compatible up to the 07 exc. 08 had a complete redesign.

Awesome! thank you very much!

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