KX65 clutch cover causes kickstart to bind

Hey guys...just about done with my motor rebuild on my sons KX65 but I'm running into a problem when I install the clutch cover.  I can kick the motor over as I'm sliding the clutch cover on, but once I get it sealed it binds up the kick starter.  I've even tried kicking it over as I'm sliding the cover on to see if I'm somehow binding up the spring, but once I get to about an 1/8" gap, it gets bound up.  I've been over the diagrams multiple times, pulled the clutch hub back out so I could verify I've got the starter assembly in right and everything looks good.  As far as I can tell, the plastic spacer is in all the way and slotted over the spring end so I should have sufficient clearance there.  It looks like I may somehow be binding up the spring itself since it doesn't seem completely centered over the shaft spline, but it's just barely off center.


Any ideas?  I'm trying to get this back together for a big race weekend.







Is the water pump shaft slot lined up with the tab on the crank? If it's not it'll hold the crank still making it nearly it really difficult to move the kick lever when it engages the crank via the clutch.

Sorry Smacaroni, I'm not following you.  What tab are you referring to on the crank?

Also, as I mentioned above, I can kick it over just fine without the case cover installed.  It's not until I've got the cover nearly flush on the case that it starts to bind up.

I said it backwards, let me try again:

See the tab on the far right side of this cover where the water pump connects?


It goes in a slot on the crank.

I believe I figured out what it was over lunch.  In one of my previous threads, I mentioned that I discovered after ordering parts and assembling my motor that I actually had an 00-05 motor in my 08 chassis.  Looks like this is going to bite me again.  The recess for one of the water pump cover bolts on the clutch cover is snagging on the nut for the primary gear and its blocking the crank from rotating, so its not actually an issue with the kickstart.


Looks like I'll be searching for an 06 or newer clutch cover now as well...this build is really starting to tick me off.  Anyone that sells a bike without notifying the seller that it's not the same year as the chassis needs to be shot...

Is that a KX60 case cover Smac?  Doesn't look the same as my KX65 cover.  On mine, there basically just a round shaft that stands up about 1 1/2" from the water pump drive gear and it slides through a bearing in the case cover and the impeller bolts to the end of the shaft on the outside of the case cover.

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Yeah, it's a 60, but the engagement is the same. Upon closer inspection, no it's not. My bad. Maybe the 60 and 85 are the same? Nope, not the same.



Me, right?

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