XR650L/XR600R Brake Line

I am needing to replace a broken front brake line to my '85 XR600R, however, the only thing that I can get in the time frame that I need is a brake line for a '93 or newer XR650L. I have tried searching, and comparing part numbers but I cannot seem to determine whether or not I am able to use a brake line from an XR650L on an '85 XR600R. The bends do not need to be the same, so long as I can physically use it. Any thoughts would be appreciated.



I think the 1985 XR6 used the older style of brake line and master cylinder.  I don't think an XRL brake line will work on your master cylinder.  But I think an XRL brake line and XRL master cylinder will bolt on and connect to your front brake caliper.  Or a CRF450x or CRF250x master and line will also work, I think; the CRF stuff is slightly different yet but will also work with the existing brake caliper.  (On the CRFs, I think the master cylinder is the same between the x and r models but the line is different.  The x line loops up over the headlight; the r line runs diagonally across the front of a number plate.)

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