Front brake line

Has anybody done anything with that huge front brake line???? Anybody go with steel braided ???

see mine, its also posted somewhere else,


looks good Rick ....

I have thought about this just have so many other things that come first. 



Looks great

No issues when your forks extend all the way?

and not in the way of seeing the dashboard?

I just loosened the clamp on the stock one and slid the brake line down a little - maybe 1.5 in. - until it looked like I wanted it to look . Also loosened the top end of the cable at the reservoir just enough to relax the brake line then tightened it again . :ride: 

No, I took the hint fro RR, had it cut to length at full extended with the straight through fitting, but some "experts" seems a banjo is better for some odd known reason!

 But it is a sweet setup, does not impair viewing like the big hangmans' rope that comes stock! Did my rear also, the brake I mean! Just peace of mind to know have good, solid SS line with DOT 5 fluid. And its RED!

Where did u get the red lines from

had the Ducati race shop make them up for me here, i posted earlier about the length I finally decided on, but forget now

Replaced mine with red braided line from Earls, they make them up to your specs, cheaply too. I also replaced the pads with red ones just because I am a tart lol

I"ll change my pads to EBC or the like, only so much you can do with scooter calipers except use the best pads available!

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