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Washington Anyone go to the Yak RCMC HS

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Was surprised to not see any post ups on this :excuseme: I was with my son at the first race they had at the Yak Ranch a few years back.Did well & my son DNF'd his first race that day.Will always remember him handling it like a trooper.The whole its ok dad well go get em next time attitude.Man where did those days go?.Missed the last couple of years but was able to make it back and race last Sunday.Once again Had a blast and wanted to give a shout out.Great job RCMC :worthy:  on sign up, course set up,check point & scoring.The girl playing the national anthem before the short course start was a nice touch.It would be nice to see all of the clubs doing something along those lines.Ive got Long course video if anyone is interested... 

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