LED options for 1983 xt250

Howdy! I recently picked up this bike, and found that the PO had put a 12 battery in it. No wonder the tail light blew, it was a 6v! The other lights seem to be doing fine, but I am not sure to what extent the conversion was done.

My thought is, going with LED turns, maybe tail/stop too, to get more out of the headlight and not tax the lighting coil too much. Has anyone gone down this road?


I'm converting a TTR230 for street use now in PA and all lights need a DOT stamp in them.

There are hardly any DOT approved LED turnsignals available so I'm going to use typical DOT approve signals for inspection then swap the bulbs out for LED bulbs after.

These look interesting, as a break light option. Doesn't say if they're DOT legal...

the tail light bulb is the same for 6 and 12v incandescent.  led,  I have not seen any 6v led stuff but I have not been looking.  I know when most of it came out it was 12v.  I have been half arsed looking into converting my brothers 82 xt250 into 12 volt using warrior/timberwolf atv parts but as he is nowhere near ready for it to go on the road it is a back burner project.

The weird thing about this bike is that it has a 12 volt battery, and a 6v tail light popped as soon as I hit the brake to test it. Is there a way to tell if its been converted?

start the bike and check it with a volt meter at 3000 rpm ish.  if it has been converted to 12v,  it should be putting out 13-14v.  if it is only putting out 8v,  it is still 6v. 

I checked it with the engine off, 12.4 coming out of the battery. I assume its been converted??

just has 12v battery.  need to check with motor running.

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