Marty Tripes 100cc race at Cahuilla Creek Mx in flash flood

Was that "Mandatory Yellow front fender" day?

Thanks for sharing, my first bike was a '79 YZ100. Here it is next to my brother's KDX80.


Was that "Mandatory Yellow front fender" day?




HaHa no its the Marty Tripes Vintage 100cc class. Lots of former pros. 82-83 yz100 are the weapon of choice. The guy that got the hole shot is Scott Burnworth.

Here was on team Yamaha in the early 80's with Hannah,Broc and Bell. There are a hand full of other ex factory riders race in this class. And they are still fast.

Totally awesome I remember this I was 11 my dad bought me a brand new 1983 yz80 man was that think fast water cooled, mono shock linked rear end. That bike was awesome.

Dirt bike magazine next to the toilet. Those days are long gone.



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