how to jump a suzuki

1000 cc Superbike Josh Brookes king of the Cadwell Park mountain in the BSB superbike campionship 







That takes some real stones.

Bike master

That right there is BAD ASS!!

guess there is a more reason to put sponsorship advertising on the bottom of the bike  other than a spill

I wonder what would happen if I tried that .... p3rry.gif



Has Cadwell park already happened this year or are these last year's photos? I seen an advert for a couple of weeks ago.


I went to watch 2 years ago and couldn't believe the distance some of the guys were getting.  The images don't do the leap any justice.


It's no IOM TT though :smirk: only messing

Edited by Irishcrfrider

been and gone , josh got second in race one and got into the lead on the last lap of race 2 before crashing out 

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