Enduro harescramble gncc ?

Ok so I'm trying to go and race soon but idk whats the difference between a hare scramble and enduro and a gncc race and which is better to start out with

Best bet is a local harescramble.  Harescrambles (HS) are a closed course, anywhere from 3 miles up to 15 miles, depending on the land available.  You do as many laps as you can in a set time period (typically 2 hours, but can run to 3 hours).  A GNCC is a brand name top level harescramble  Same format as any other harescramble, just it has Pros with factory support and lot of amateur classes.  They run 2 races, the morning race for 2 hours with mostly C classes and then an afternoon race for 3 hours with B, A, and Pro classes.  Both local HS and GNCC are closed course races so you don't need lights, license plate, or anything like that.  An enduro is an longer format race, sometimes lasting up to 6 hours, and in the east coast where you're at, they require a "street legal bike" which typically means head light, tailight, license plate, proper registration, and an MC endorsement on your drivers license.  Since you're just getting started, you probably aren't setup to do an enduro, so I wouldn't try one of thus just yet.  But in a year or 2 once the racing bug has bit, do what you need to do and give those a shot.

Alright cool thanks for your help

I prefer enduro races because they are longer than other forms of racing, usually lasting up to 5 hours.  But the reason I like them is it's like 5 or 6 races in one.. you go through various "test sections," where they time your race through that particular section. 


You get rest stops, gas stops, free time, and it's a lotta fun bc you can sit around with your buddies BSing about the race at the stops.  Plus, most enduros have A rider splits with really nasty, technical terrain to test the A riders.  That's where I tend to shine, I love nasty riding.

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