Exhaust Port Leak

Hi Guys


Exhaust gas escapes from where my exhaust port and my header pipe meet.

The bike is an 09. Is it likely that the pipe (standard) is worn or the engine casing?

How can I fix this?

Look at a parts diagram. There are 2 orings (yz125) that are probably gone. I'm guessing the 250 is the same. I assume your talking about one of these bikes.

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Sorry. It is a 250, and I have replaced the O rings but it does not solve the problem.

1 or two rides and the leak is back.

I generally use a healthy dose of a silicone sealant :) 

How long after replacing orings does it starts leaking? Are you using OEM orings are some other? Is the header and pipe partially clogged perhaps?

If your using oem orings they go in a certain way.

One other thing is maybe the holding springs are the wrong length?

I had to adjust the mount at the rear of the header to make sure the "mouth" of the header was perpendicular to the cylinder flange.

Using OEM and fairly confident they were correct. Basically 2 rides.

Will do some silicone!

Will also check the header fits on to the flange.

Thanks guys!

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