Front wheel hex size ?

I thought it was a 13mm so ordered that and damn dont fit is it a 12mm is it ???

If you have a metric tape measure you could jus measure across the flat spots of the nut . Standard use a standard . Example . A 9/16 nut measures 9/16 across the flat spots

I thought it was a 13mm so ordered that and damn dont fit is it a 12mm is it ???

its 12mm

Yep its a 12 allright

Yeah, it's 12, but you can undo it by using a 10 and 2 together.  Then replace it with one of the aftermarket versions that can be removed with a socket.

I try thay trick its dodgy haha

I was surprised that it works quite well.  I still replaced the nut with an aftermarket version because I don't want to carry a 10mm hex key around.

Really didn't work for me lol so u changed the hex to a nut?

Hmm...  You did loosen the pinch bolts first, right?


Yeah, I picked up the Motosportz nut, but I believe Uptite has one, as does Zip-Ty Racing.  I picked Motosportz because it's a hex head, and they have a combination wrench that fits the rear axle and that front nut.


Zip-Ty product is kind of neat, in that it uses the 3/8 drive of a socket wrench, but since I don't carry a 3/8 drive handle with me on the trail, it wouldn't be practical.

Lol yes I did I think I'll just stick with standard one ordered a 12mm hex socket for cheap

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