2014 Maps

I was looking for the "Preston" map the other day and could not find it.  Anyone have a link to it?

How about a Sticky for 2014 maps?

agree.. any maps yet?

How about any after market parts yet??

There were maps on yamahas website but now when I look it's just maps for the '10-13.

Look again, 3 maps 2014 yz450 on yamaha usa site, says baseline setting for 2014. tune on

I was looking for the "Preston" map the other day and could not find it.  Anyone have a link to it?

How about a Sticky for 2014 maps?



Here you go


Thanks for the map list.

So does anyone have the "preston" map?

I still cannot find id posted anywhere.

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MXA test said Preston map was good with stock pipe. Atermarket pipe run stock 0's map.

I happened to print the Preston map when I bought my bike then couldn't find it again. Yamaha deleted the reference to Preston but his map is the first of the four listed on the GYTR recommendations seen above.


The Preston map is the smooth map on yamahas site... motocross mag suggested to lower the ignition bottom left hand corner numbers (1/8 throttle 4000 and 6500)  to +2 and +2 rather than +3 and +3... I ran the preston map today at my harescramble. Havent ran it with the +2 yet. It felt stronger though with the smooth map...

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Great thanks

No problem...

If you remember, post which setup you run. Either plus 2 or plus 3...

I will be riding the couch for a few weeks unfortunately. But I'll try and remember .

I have had my 2014 YZ 450 for about one month.  I have experimented with many maps.  I found the "Preston" map to be too rich at the low end.  I thought it had a terrible transition into the midrange.  It felt "thumpy" and was not smooth.   I found another map that was smoother and more "electric"

I recommend that you start with the following map:


FI:   333     IG:   222

       343            232

       233            222


Regarding set up:  I added the Pro Circuit shock linkage and raised the forks in the triple clamps 4mm.   

I also added Air Cells to the front forks for added plushness and front end traction.  I'm 50 years old and need as much comfort as I can get. 


This bike's "on the edge" technology requires a lot of set up time to make it right for you.    You can actually feel every little change you make on the track.  Once you find it, this bike is BAD ASS !!


Tom Lews





Are you guys running the stock exhaust with these Preston/smooth maps and variations? If aftermarket, which one? Maps will be different with different pipes.

Finally got to ride yesterday. I liked the preston/smooth map pretty well. Felt like it pulled longer. I then tried the one above from dr Lewis. I liked it better. Seemed to run cleaner.

Played with the sag a bit as someone said 112 was a good setting. I tried 108 and liked it pretty well. Made it a little more stable without much sacrifice in turning. I think if I drop the forks to 5 mm it will be great. I'm at 3 mm now.

just used my gytr tuner for the first time on my 14, first went for a ride with stock settings then put in the preston map. at first i liked it but the more i rode it i preffered the stock setting for bottom end. i then ran dr lewis map and i am now in love! after a few laps around the track i couldnt get rid of the smile on my face!! awesome thanks dr lewis!!!!!! 

I am glad you guys like my map.  I rode the bike almost every day with two different settings for a month to fine tune it.

Thanks dr Lewis, I now use your map over that of MXA , it runs crispier down low and allows me to ride a little more aggressively while there is an occasional pop in deceleration that came back

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