Mod vs Stock

We had 2 2013 crf 450s @ redbud this past week end one was stock with yosh pipes and a remap the secound was An RHC pro package with carillo rod and super finished trans both have simlar suspension .I have said right along that a pro engine is eazyer to ride than a stock engine wether your a vet rider or a c rider i have rode the moto concepts 450 and it was definatley eazyer to ride than any thing else .A  C class rider @ red bud was able to go 9 secounds a lap faster on the mod bike than his basickly stock bike we are not sure where the time was made up we do know that the mod bike spends most of its time in 3rd gear shifting up into 4th where the stock bike needs to be in secound gear for most of the cornering making a more violent exit and then a shift the mod bike enters the corner in 3rd pulls smoothly all the way around with no violent surge and of coures eliminates the shift .

 9 seconds is a pretty impressive difference.

i did a 250 for a pro rider a few years back and we were impressed with a 2.8 secound increase and that was also @ redbud it could be because of all the avaiable traction the earth @ redbud is probaly the best in the nation i have heard it over and over about having more of the proper hp from a 450 making it eazyer to ride.

The reduction in wheel spin makes faster lap times , makes sense

Hi Ron,

Didn't see you at RedBud Saturday, but if you were there, you would have seen one of your mod CRF 450's win 450A and 14-24 classes. It also got 3rd in the first 450B mod moto at Loretta's (an unfortunate injury ended his week early). Will be getting in touch with you shortly to get his stock bike done. Definitely easier to ride with better laptimes.

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