Getting out the plug

Cant seem to get the spark plug out of my 2001 XR250. Have a problem with the engine cutting out and not restarting when warm and after an off, off road. Tried to remove the plug and cant get the socket to sit, it feels like it`s just rounding off the plug. Is there a special plug spanner for this plug as it seems to really deep inside the head? Any ideas would be appreciated.



Not just any deep well socket with do. It has to be a thin wall socket to fit down in there. There are few sockets other than the stock socket that will fit without some kind of modification to the socket.

I use the one from my KLR650 tool kit. Even with the right tool it is a PITA.

motion pro makes a XR400 specific 18mm socket . $22  :banghead:

didn't one that works perfectly come in the stock tool kit?

didn't one that works perfectly come in the stock tool kit?


Yes, if you still have the stock tool kit.  The plug isn't as tight on the XR250 as it is on the XR400.  The XR400 definitely needs the special spark plug socket that either comes with the bike, or is sold by motorcycle places such as the Motion Pro.  I have a standard spark plug socket that works just fine with the XR250.  It just has to be fairly thin walled. 


Good Luck!

First post for me - But what i did was buy a 17mm thin wall plug spanner , there are heaps of them around for about $5 for a 5 pce kit (various sizes) and I could not find a 18mm thin walled. You simply get a 18mm nut and a clamp of sorts (I used a sash cramp) and press the 18mm into the 17mm . To get the nut out it just takes a tap from the other end .. I clamped it again to open a touch more and you have an instant thin walled 18mm. You could do it without a clamp by using a long bolt and washers and just tightening the bolt forcing the nut into the end ... I have removed my xr4 plug countless times already and it works a treat ...



Just go to a mower shop or car accessories type store and get an 18mm one,,Get the grinder out and grind the plug end a bit so it's slightly round..5$ plus the grind and you're done..

When I wash my bike, the "plug well" is one area I really hose out.

Then I use an air compressor in the plug well before removing the plug.


A quick Google search returned "18mm thin wall plug socket"...  Get a 12 point socket, they have a thinner wall.

Also, a good reminder to use Fuel tubing on the end of the plug to insert it.  Much easier to install.

Thanks everyone for the responses. Managed to find a long socket and grind down the outside, worked a treat. I`m taking the main jet up one as the it gets a bit lean when at the top end of the rev scale. Three more meetings then a rebuild over winter. Once again thanks for the responses guys. 

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