Guess I'll make my intro here, CR500 rider from east idaho

Name is Taylor, I ride a pretty well built 97 CR5, I spend most of my time on the st. Anthony sand dunes beating on 450's haha, looking into doing an AF conversion over the winter probably. This is my 4th 500 and my 3rd Honda, I tried the 4 stroke thing and was disappointed to say the least, long live the big bore!


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Welcome to TT! Gotta love the old 5 hundo's. Are you going to do the conversion with the '99? Or use a different generation frame?

That's my brothers 97 250, I'm gonna try and do the conversion with a gen2 or gen 3 frame

there is a guy parting out an 06 crf450r on that forum. good price shock and forks rebuild I think.  I bought the gas tank

Welcome aboard. Cr 500's are great bikes. I rode my 98 cr500 for years before I built my own cr500afc.

03 cr 125 rolling chassis but 05 cr 250 frame. The 250's frames are easier to convert.


Looks good, sir! that 97 250 my brother got seized the crank so it now looks like this


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He's not a super experienced rider, but I cut him loose on my 500 today and he did really good on it, so we're seriously considering an AF conversion with his chassis and a donor engine......gotta find one for a decent price first though

Welcome to the forum!

Do you go by Loudpipe on BCR?

Do you go by Loudpipe on BCR?

That's me.....who the F are you? Lmao

I'm sure you can figure it out :D

Didn't take me long once I looked at the profile lol

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