2 piston caliper

Buy from ebay oversize rotor for crf 150 245mm and looking for 2 piston brake caliper

Question brake caliper bracket crf-cr before 2003 works in 150 holes have same distance ?

Try after 2004 but the holes is to sort for 150 

Applied have   caliper bracket for 150 but is expensive 72 in bto sports and 50 for shipping  

If it were me i would get a used two piston off like a ktm or somthing a little bigger than a 150 and get creative with the bracket.....??

If you are able to make the bracket yourself it opens up some nice opportunities. The KTM twin piston caliper on the 85SX is tiny and powerful. It's what I would use if my bike hadn't come with a CRF450 caliper.  

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