crf150f with 17inch XR200r rear & 90' XR250r front wheel

I just finished up installing the bigger wheels on the CRF150f. It was an easy swap for the rear,just bolt on.I had the xr wheel left over from changing to an 18 inch 86-89 xr250r rear on my xr200r. The 17 inch has a 4.60/17 tire which fits just fine on the 150f swingarm without clearance issues. The front required the disc side spacer and right side seal from the original 19 inch crf150f wheel. The bike feels better over bumps now due to the larger diameter tires. Sprocket ratio changed from 13-47 to 12-48.

The xr200/250 wheel is actually not a direct swap as mentioned. It does require the use of the xr sprocket on the rear, the crf sprocket has a different mounting pattern.

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