2013 RMZ450 Vibration

I can feel lots vibration coming from the foot pegs on my 2013 RMZ450. I have felt it since day 1, just seems a little excessive to me. I should also note that I have a Rekluse Clutch installed on my bike that has been on the bike since day 1 aswell, which chatters during initial acceleration. Could it be my clutch causing this problem, is it something else or is it normal?

What boots are you using?

Alpinestar Tech 3, same boots I used on my last bike and had no vibration issues with.

I can't speak for the 13 but I know when I got my 08 new, it vibrated significantly more than the 06 Honda I owned at the time.  I still have it and with approximately 60 hours on it, it still runs strong.  I also have a 12 kx 450 with 40 hours and it is definitely smoother.  Its impossible to know with out actually seeing your bike but a little "extra" vibration does seem to be a Suzuki trait.  I know at least one of the magazines mentioned it in the 2013 shootouts.

Okay thanks, that's good to know!

the suzuki doesnt have a balance axle. kawi´s and honda´s do. dont know about yamaha.

my rmz vibrates like a jack hammer, and have done so since it was new.

I've got a 08 and dont notice mine vibrating at all.infact i jumped on a 2010 crf 250 the other day and noticed it had more vibration than my bike.I wonder if its the crank being out of balance.

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