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Evo thumper shootout: HL 500 vs. C&J XR 500 vs. TE 510 vs. CCM

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I am trying to find specs on these bikes to figure out a shootout.  Has anyone ever seen a shootout on these bikes setting forth the weight, power, head angles?

I have ah HL 500 replica and it has a 28 degree head angle and weighs in I think at about 260lbs. I think the original HL had a slacker head angle. 


 I think the CCM is lighter but has the same head angle as my HL. 


The 1983 TE should have a 31 degree head angle. 


Has anyone ridden/owned all of these? 





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Well, I have probably 20 or so old magazine Thumper comparison tests and none of them are comparing the HL to any of the others that you mention.  It would take some more time to look up tests on the individual bikes but that would probably be in different magazines with different testers so again no direct comparisons.  The CCMs got a fair amount of press in their early years, but not so much in the USA mags as the years went by leading up to that time period when the HLs were being build and the XR/C&J 500 Hondas were built.  Maybe one of the Euro mags had something?

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hi guys , these articles are interesting reads for thumper nuts (I know of no ccm,/te510/c&jxr/HL mag comparos)

 te510/tx510  vs  TT600k   vs XR500rd     dirt bike sep 83  7 page comparo

pro circuit TC500 mods    MOTO CROSS   jan 84              TC500 'works 4 banger"  MXA  may84


YAM TT500C dick mann frames east and west bikes   popular cycling nov76

         TT500c  c&j frame ,mods   eng.mods    motorcyclist aug76

         TT500c    4 specials    kenny roberts/hindall/dick mann/cafe racer   cycle guide jan76   10 pgs

          "     "        roberts TT racer   cycle world  oct76

          tt500c  vs    CCM600     dirt bike mar76     9pgs

         dick mann project tt500    dirt bike   nov and dec 76

         dick mann    TT500     dirt rider  mar77 also  TT500D test

         TT500D   12 hr bike    modern cycle  jul77

         HL works bike story    pop cycling  oct77

         aberg replica HL     dirt bike nov77

         TT bolt on power and handling   cycle world   mar77

         HL    MXA  mar77      and      mxa   jul77

          HL   luxembourg GP win    MXA oct77

          baja TT  cycle world sep78


   PRO TEC   TT500 600cc   inc dyno report ,mods   cycle guide  nov79

   PRO TEC    world 4stroke winner   profab  dirt rider   jan83

    TT500 king kong    dirt bike jun79

    TT500  650cc   and 716cc kinetic kits   cycle may 79   


  TT600L   621cc  white bros.    MXA  may84



KSI  450 honda  xl350 based      motorcyclist apr79         ,      MXA  may79

C&J XR500  with yam susp.     cycle world  aug79

 C&J  XR500   project  3 parts     aug sep oct 81 dirt bike

C&j    xr500   baja winner    dirt bike aug81

    MUGEN  C&J   xr500    cycle jul81

   XR500RD    24hr test   cycle world feb81    12pgs

   C&J  wegner XL500 special     dirt rider  jun83


CCM 608  cycle world  jan74              CCM 500mx   dirt rider  nov75          CCM600 dirt cycle  may76          CCM 572cc enduro   dirt bike jun77

  CCM600    cycle world may79          CCm600    dirt bike mar80           cheers  g.

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