250 or 450?

I'm 16 6'3, and 185lbs and I have a CR125 but i'm wanting to get a different bike and I was looking at the 250 or a 450. I am just wanting some input from other riders. I ride a lot of trails not very tight trails, no sand at all, and I am gonna start riding track soon. I just don't want to get the 250 and want more power, or get the 450 and it be too heavy. So what do you guys think I should get?

It's a massive leap to a 450 from a 125. Try a 250 2 smoker or even meet in the middle and get a 350, although that's still a fair leap up as they're torquey as hell! If you've got the money to get a newer bike that's EFI, that will give you plenty of power with a little less weight than a 450. I'm quite content with my 250, which leads me to my be point. Riding ability, I'd say it's better to get a 250 and find that you want more than get a 450 and damage yourself.

A 450 has probly the same HP digit then a 250 smoker...maybe a bit less. The moment of the powerband ,amount of torques and how quickly its all delivered to the wheel....that's what makes a bike's personality. In my opinion a 250 smoker is awesome and you are used to 2 strokes so..You will have a blast. My brother has a rm 250 , and when I race him with my (450 xc-f modded) , its pretty close ...you can tell its 2 monster from the same class.. only different power delivery and powerband :)! Traction is the name of the game... ! Edited by MrKTMrider

I ride a 450, also I only weigh about 150.  You should be good as far as the weight of the bike.  If you are doing track riding the power is nice to have.

If you ride a 125, you'd probably want to go to a 2 stroke 250. They're light, like a 125, have somewhat the same power delivery (granted with a lot more pull), and can still be competitive with bigger 4 strokes, with the right rider. Best bets you'll have on 2-stroke 250s are used KX/CR250s. They have really good parts availability, lots of power, good frames, light weight, and a good used bike will cost a lot less than a new bike, and still be competitive. If you want a new bike, look for a Yamaha or KTM, or even a 250f. 4 strokes always tend to have better traction under acceleration.

I like the 2-strokes I just want to move to 4-strokes because I think it'll fit my riding style, and where I ride better. 

I like the 2-strokes I just want to move to 4-strokes because I think it'll fit my riding style, and where I ride better.

Same goes for me!

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