Enjoying my RMZ at my local track

It was one of those special days when everything goes well: the weather, the track, i had 2 new tires on my bike and my freind was the with his camera to capture it all, hope you guys enjoy!


On a side note i switched bikes for some laps with a buddy that owns a 2013 CRF 450, i liked the bike and felt comfortable quickly but liked mine better...he almost admited he liked mine better too. Mine is a 2008 450 (well maintained and bought new in 09) all stock save for an FMF full pipe and stiffer springs in the forks. I even still have the stock piston (plan on putting a new one this witer). I was thinking maybe it was time to get a newer bike but i'll stick with yellow bike fore some more time. As a 37 yrs old B/C vet calibre rider, my bike isnt holding me from going faster.



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Really cool pics!


Rad pics, and sick bike dude! I wanna get a bike just like yours

It is a great bike! I love mine! 

You summed it up yourself! I have been so so so happy on my mustard rocket. The handling, the motor, everything I think is flawless on the zooks. Sweet picture! That's awesome you ride at 37 ( not trying to call you old)! I am only 22 and so many of my friends have given up riding for some stupid job or excuse. Hopefully ill be riding at 37 like you and on a yellow bike!!!

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