kicked my ars or I let it get kicked

first time participant in the loose screw 2013 and tried my luck on the b route. whoo-wee! I did have loads of fun and will definitely try my luck/skill next year. my recommendations would be a light helmet that fits tight (you will get all shook up), if new-ish tires no more then 65% worn and make sure your bike is tight. it'll get shook up to! laid down my old dr twice and she kept starting and asking for more. if I had pushed through a minor headache(excuses excuses) and tried for full completion we could just maybe add a zero to that two times. I would've learned from the at least double digit lay downs and had more b route fun. thank you to all those who made the loose screw of 2013 a total success and a awesome event to take part in!


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