08 YZ125 revalve?

Picked up a 08 YZ125 last night. 


I definitly need to spring it for my weight as I'm a bit heavier than a factory rider, howver after reading countless reviews which all say the Yamaha suspension is simply the best of any production bike, is it worth revalving it as well, or should I just change springs and call it done?


Depends on your weight and height. Maybe you're quite happy if you just need a 48 rear spring instead of the OEM 46 N. 

However, if you have to use a 50 or more the OEM reb is to fast.


Speaking of fat rebs, the YZ is famous for having a fast reb.


To sum it up:

You can be quite happy with just a spring change, but this bike and the shock specifically has a lot of potential which is not used by the factory setup.

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