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looking into cr250

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Hello everyone. I'm looking to get my first bike. I found a used 1998 honda cr250 on craigslist. The guy is asking for 1600. Just wondering what y'all thought about it and if it was a bad deal. He is willing to negotiate the price. Im meeting him this week to look the bike over. To me it looks a little to beat up to be worth 1600, but what do i know. Here are some pics. Any help would be greatly appreciated!






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It looks OK but 1600 would probably be the top of the range. Go and check it out, if it looks good and the motor is fresh, offer 1400-1500 and if it is a little rough but the motor is decent, go for 1200 or 1300. I got my 97' cr250 in July for 1300 (he was asking 1500 and I offered 1300 and he took it :D ). It was in a little better shape but I think I got a good deal. If it doesn't look as good in person, make that clear to him and he will lower the price more. I would probably pay 1500 max for it, so try and get it for 1500 or cheaper

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I don't think it looks that bad, After all it is a 15 year old bike.  Check the normal stuff . I hate when some guy spit shines his old bike to sell it. I'd almost rather it dirty. This way I can see if things are leaking, Whether it be coolant , oil, or blow by.

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    • By D.Barrett
      Kicking around the idea of selling my CR250. I have other bikes and never get a chance to ride this one.

      This is a well-maintained bike with tons of aftermarket parts. It's set up primarily for woods/single-track riding, but will still do just fine on an MX track.

      -Fresh Pro-X top end(<1 hour)
      -FMF Gnarly pipe & FMF Shorty silencer(<1 hour on fresh packing)
      -PWK Air-Striker Carburetor(bought new from JD Jetting last year)
      -Steahy 10oz. Flywheel Weight
      -Boyesen Rad Valve with Carbon-fiber reeds
      -TwinAir air filter

      -Excel Pro-Series Wheels(19"/21")
      -Brand-new Shinko tires(546 Front, 505 Cheater Rear not mounted yet) w/ Heavy-duty tubes
      -Works Connection Radiator Guards
      -Skid Plate
      -FMF Factory 909 Handlebars
      -Polished Frame
      -Sunstar 13/51 Steel Sprockets(new in box)

      I'm sure I'm missing a few odds and ends. Comes with a Bill of Sale only. (708)287-1998 - Dave
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      Parting out 2000 cr 250r: frame 150.00, seat with brand new fx cover 30.00, sub frame 30.00, pro circuit works pipe 50.00, kick starter 10 bucks, tank with shrouds 30.00, rear shock 45.00, swing arm 40.00.  make offer on all other parts in picture. Buyer pays shipping from 36092 zip. 
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      I could not seem to find a similar thread so if one exists I apologize. I have an 02 cr250r with an 01 motor. I need to buy a new silencer with a spark arrestor because the current one does not have one. I am not sure if the owner before me used an 01 or 02 silencer because I have read the frame had significant changes from 01 to 02. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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