Raptor adj. clutch

How well does it work? Is there really a noticable difference? My stock works well enough that I can consistently work it with two fingers, but one is still a little harder than I would like. Keeping it well oiled and the lever greased helps, I am not intrested in hydralics. In the real world does the MSR RAPTOR adjustable clutch allow one finger clutching on the YZ426?

Well I just bought an MSR Raptor tonight and oh my god is it smooth! I got it for $42 and now my clutch pull is as light as a KTM520 (w/magura juice clutch) I should have bought this thing a year ago...I will see how durable it is in the next few weeks, but overall a $40 well spent! Later,


Ditto, it makes the pull very easy.

It does change the engagement some. I have to run 0 freeplay in the cable.

I also don't like the shape/feel of the lever.

I think I'm going to get a Honda perch and lever and drill it like we used to do.

I agree that the lever shape is kind of funky and I don't like the back side, It's not flat but has a ridge down the center which could be hazardous to the fingers still on the grip. It does make the pull a lot easier though.


I love mine. It pulls very easily. Although, I broke my perch the other day and it was $22 to get a replacement. I was pleasantly surprised when I got it, it had a much larger E-Z adjuster on it.

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