Acerbis side panels

I noticed acerbis have different part number for '06-13, and another one for '03-'05. I looked at the oem microfiche and the right side panel changed in '10 I think. The 5ny (skinnier) style would be the '03-05 correct?



Your probably right,I'm guessing the change on the side panel came about when Yamaha went to a larger silencer a few year's back.I have picked up a few oem panel's from ebay for less $$ than aftermarket,but only in white.

Acerbis is Italian, so maybe the Euro YZ went to the big silencer in 06? You are right, OEM plastics are pretty cheap. If you like the color, get them.

Well, guess I will order the '05 side panels and see what happens

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02-05 sidepanel's will still work well (if not better as don't stick out so much) with the 06 and up bikes,especially if you run an aftermarket silencer,as they tend (mostly) to be smaller than the stock muffler's.this mean's you won't need the extra room that the euro-06 and U.S.(bigger silencer for 2011)  up sidepanel's provide under there in the first place.



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