97 KTM 250sx

Hey Guys.
Have bought myself a 97 KTM 250sx not running as a bit of a project bike, and my first time owning/riding/fixing/screwing with a 2 stroke. 
Looks like its going to need a full rebuild top and bottom and currently going about sourcing parts and what to do my self or get professionally done.

Does anyone know what parts are interchangeable for the 90s KTMs. Finding parts for a 97 specifically is a little hard, but looks like from 94-98 are very similar. 
Anyone have anymore info on this.


You should have no trouble rebuilding that motor.

Piston should be like 96-99

Clutch plates easy, basket is same to late 80s, rod same from when the new motor came about, think it was '90,

You can probably buy everything you need aftermarket.

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