CR Breaks

Is there any way to make my disc breaks on my cr work better without replacing pads or discs

Try bleeding them, maybe pump some new fluid in there.

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Since you can't compress liquid, and if you have a spongy feel to your brakes, you may have dirty/contaminated brake fluid, a brake line flexing under pressure, or one or both caliper slide pins are dry and sticking.


Is it the front, rear or both brakes?

What do you mean by "make my brakes work better?"

They just don't stop me very well I can pull as hard as I can on the frount

Shit.....messed up typing I have to pull as hard as I can on the front to get ant stopping power. The back works ok but still nothing like it should.

Have you actually looked at the condition of the pads? Fork oil at one point might have contaminated the pads, reducing the stopping power, even though the pads might have decent wear left on them. How old is the brake fluid? If it has been in there for more than a year, it might be time to put new in. 

If the lever is firm and not spongy, but you have no stopping power, then the first thing I'm checking is the calpier slide pins.  They should be well greased and not dry and sticking.  A quick test is to remove your front brake pads, but do not remove the caliper.  Once the pads are removed, your caliper should slide side to side fairly easy.  If not, take the caliper off and clean and lubricate the slide pins.  You can buy synthetic grease for caliper slide pins at most auto supply stores. 



If your lever is spongy with no power, then it may be one of the items I mentioned in my first reply.


Also, when you say no stopping power, that is up for interpretation.  What I mean is, some bikes have better brakes that others.  Is this a bike you're familiar with, and you know they have lost some stopping ability, or did you just acquire it and think it doesn't stop well?

Clean your rotors with break cleaner, and slightly! sand your pads with fine grit sandpaper. Just enough to get and groves out of them. Then do some back and forth heavy stopping at about 50mph to get some heat in the pads and re-bed them in. If that dosent work, your pads are shot, and you should probably clean your calipers, and change your fluid, inspect lines. 

Oh .. CR Brakes

I read it as some sort of melt down

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